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Reflect (don’t resolve)

January 1, 2020

Someone posted this article this week and after reviewing it I printed out a copy for every human in our household, with the offer to do what they liked with it. I found the time today to reflect on the 10 questions. I appreciate the way it’s approach recalibrates the end of year/beginning of year expectation. So here it is, if you’d like:

Lighting up the night

November 30, 2018


November 30, 2018

I resolve to attempt to write when I think about it rather than regretting. So many thoughts… On this, the last day of the 58th BC Federation of Labour convention, I am experiencing a strong appreciation for challenges to my comfort level and my privilege. I’ll keep working on that.

We do forget

November 11, 2017


I think we’re stuck.

I think culturally we feel that we need this day as some kind of catharsis for our collective memories. The reality is that we haven’t learned, that we never learn, that we are perpetually at war, inside and outside our ‘borders’.

Modern warfare is a good, solid, corporate, capitalist business. It is still a class divider. It is still a weapon of imperialism, capitalist imperialism. It is still a weapon of ethnic cleansing. It is still terrorism. If we truly “honoured fallen Warriors”, our society and our world would look very different. Lest we forget? We forget 364 days of the year. One day is not sufficient to change anything and we know it.

So many are counting on change on May 9, 2017

April 25, 2017

political action 2017

On work

October 25, 2015

I spend a lot of time immersed in the world of work. Doing work, monitoring others’ work, making sure people are treated fairly at work. I had an interesting voyeuristic experience contemplating the nature of work today.

While on a brief vacation to attend a friend’s wedding, I ate breakfast at a place that is clearly much loved by the locals. It’s part of a common, mid-range hotel chain, in an area with many hotels, golf courses, conference centres, etc. In the course of sitting at the counter (eating my delicious breakfast) I heard conversations between the staff, customers and staff and customers, about the impending closure of the restaurant which has been around since 1962. Apparently the hotel was sold and the new owners are going to tear it down. The restaurant will close in December. 

It was clear that the staff is not transient. The customers know them well, and like them very much. The snippets of conversation I heard were about taking vacation time soon because it’s owed, feeling bad about finding new work before the other staff, not wanting to leave more work for the others because they won’t be replaced, worry about finding new work, encouragement to pursue different/better work, sadness, and wonder about what new place to frequent in the future. There was clear evidence of close camaraderie between the staff, looking out for one another, taking on parental-type roles, teasing, and working together to get things done.

Many of us work. Many do so to survive in this consumer capitalist society. The conditions under which we work varies. It’s a thing we do. Some enjoy it, others endure it, and we spend a significant amount of our time away from other things and people we love to do it. We form relationships at work, with people we might not otherwise meet or want to spend time with. It’s our nature to be social. For some it’s easier than for others, and we form these relationships in artificial settings, removed from other parts of our identities. It’s a curious thing to think about in the abstract.

I’m glad these folks have had a positive environment in which to work. I wish the best for them in their search for new employment. Be as kind as you can to one another at work and to other workers that you have occasion to interact with. 


October 11, 2015

is what love looks like in public, the way tenderness is what love looks like in private. – Cornel West

Wisdom, truth, light & life

August 21, 2015

Those who are wise shall shine like the brightness of the sky, and those who lead many to righteousness, like the stars for ever and ever. – Daniel 12:3

The moment we begin to fear the opinions of others and hesitate to tell the truth that is in us, and from motives of policy are silent when we should speak, the divine floods of light and life no longer flow into our souls.  – Elizabeth Cady Stanton


Cautionary Tale

April 17, 2015

On the eve of more nation-wide rallies against Bill C-51, the proposed federal “anti-terrorism” legislation, hear some words from Eduardo Galeano’s Children of Days:

June 26
The Kingdom of fear
Today is the International Day Against Torture. 
By tragic irony, the Uruguayan military dictatorship was born the following day in 1973 and soon turned the country into one huge torture chamber.
For obtaining information torture was useless or practically useless, but it was very useful for sowing fear, and fear obliged Uruguayans to live by silence or lies. 
While in exile, I received an unsigned letter:
Lying sucks, and getting used to lying sucks. 
But worse than lying is teaching to lie. 
I have three children. 

Reading Eduardo Galeano in memorial 

April 16, 2015

Stay tuned, it great stuff from a completely different perspective than mine Eco-geo location. 

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